How to load Koikatsu! Character Cards of Anime? How to use it?

Due to the suspension of development by ILLUSION, both official and consignment “Koikatsu! has been discontinued.

If you would like to play a “similar” game, please check Honeycome!

What is “Koikatsu!”?

Koikatsu! (also known as Koikatu! or KK) is a 3DCG hentai game that allows you to freely create your own characters.

You can create a character of your choice and spend your school life together.

What kind of game?

The girls you created move around the school and spend their time doing various things according to their personality and individuality.

They can be doing everyday activities such as going to the bathroom or showering, or even secretly masturbating.

In addition to the story mode, a free H mode is also implemented.

What is a character card?

A character card is an image file in which the character data is stored.

Many character cards have been created by volunteers at Koikatsu.

By reading the distributed character cards, users can reproduction their avatars of characters from anime, manga, games, light novels, and virtual YouTubers.

What is scene data?

In addition to characters, there are image files called “scene data” that can reproduce situations.

By loading “scene data” in CHARA STUDIO, which is officially distributed free of charge, it is possible to play hentai scenes created by other users.

You can replace characters by character cards, of course, and also enjoy playing from various angles by moving the camera.

What is Koikatsu! Trilogy Pack?

Koikatsu! Trilogy Pack is a set of Koikatsu! and additional data.

Currently, additional data is used for many character cards, and if there is not enough data, hairstyles and outfits may not display properly.

The character cards shown on this site are also based on the assumption that Trilogy Pack is installed.

Koikatsu! Sunshine (KKS)

If you just want to give it a try, Koikatsu! Sunshine (KKS) is recommended.

It is slightly more limited than Trilogy Pack, but it is less expensive and has new elements.

Usually, KKS cards cannot be loaded in Trilogy Pack, so if you want to load those cards, install KKS.

How to use character cards?

Click on “コイカツ キャラメイクのキャラフォルダを開く” from the initial settings in the Koikatsu.

Open the “female” folder in the opened folder and save the character card in that folder.

If the character card appears in “キャラ読み込み” of “キャラメイク”, it’s done.

File Format

The file format for character cards is a PNG image.

The image in other formats, such as JPEG, cannot be read as character cards, even if they look the same.

Even if the format is PNG, the character data may have been removed due to scaling down or other reasons.

The notation may vary from site to site, but if there is a link to the uploaded data itself, such as “original size” or “original image,” download from that link.

The default image size is 252 x 352, but larger character cards also exist.

The aspect ratio is identical, such as 756 x 1056, etc.

Character cards on pixiv

The image normally displayed on pixiv has had the character data removed.

Click on the image and save the enlarged original PNG file to use it as a character card.

You need to login to pixiv to save it.

Character cards are not found.

If the image does not exist in character card format, it may be distributed on an external site such as an uploader.

In most cases, the URL is listed in the summary section at the bottom, so check it first.

Depending on the user’s policy, the uploader or social networking site URL may be listed in the profile.

There’s no link.

If you check any of these and the character card does not exist, they may have already stopped distributing it.

It may be explained in the overview section or in the profile, but it is likely that it has been stopped for some reason.

Do not ask for distribution in comments or messages, as this will inconvenience the author.

Character cards on Google Drive

The image displayed in the preview does not contain any character data.

To use them as character cards, you must save them by clicking the download button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Hairstyles and costumes do not be loaded.

Some character cards have mods used.

If mods are not installed, the character may not be reproduced correctly.

Changes in the environment and other factors may make loading impossible.

If it is absolutely impossible to load the card, it is necessary to take measures such as substituting other parts.

Character card cannot be loaded.

If you load a character card with missing personality data, you may not be able to press the decision or back buttons after transferring in the seating chart.

It is characterized by a black icon on the student ID image and the personality set to “セクシー”.

After School

After School is required if the character card has “Sッ気”, “無感情”, “方言娘” or “帰国子女” set as the character’s personality.

Since it includes a lot of additional data for costumes and hairstyles, I recommend that you install it when loading character cards from anime and games.

Personality Add-on Pack

If “勝ち気”, “誠実” or “艶やか” are set, Personality Add-on Pack is required.

Both the After School and Personality Add-on Pack are included in Trilogy Pack.

Duplicate installations are not required.

Change personality

Changing the character card personality from “キャラメイク” will work properly for now.

Note that changes cannot be made from “キャラ編集” in the seating chart.

Koikatsu! Sunshine

If not all of the above, the card may be a KKS character card.

The size and format are the same as Koikatsu! is similar to that of the KKS cards, but they are marked “Sunshine” on the default frame.

Normally, KKS cards cannot be loaded in Trirogy Pack and require the installation of KKS.

How to use this site?

This site organizes character cards by original works.

Basically, you can access all cards from titles on the top page or in the sidebar.

Screenshots are included in the individual articles, and I hope they will be helpful to you in your play.